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Paper Grading Markers

(1) Why is Groundwood Pen better than phlorogulcinol test solution?
The pen is better because it is portable and easy-to-use. It can be carried with you. The pen is also safer. The phloroglucinol test solution for groundwood is hazardous and will attack concrete floors, injure workers and is messy to clean up if spilled. Pens have the equivalent of several gallons of phlorogucinol test solution. The ink in the Groundwood Pen is stable, nearly permanent, whatever the weather and seasonal changes or working surroundings are. Groundwood Pens retain their sensitivity after several years of field use. Phlorogucinol test solutions on the other hand, deteriorate with time, sometimes giving false indications

(2) What is the difference between "Groundwood Pen" and "Acid Paper Pen"? Groundwood Pens (C-001B) are sometimes mistakenly called an Acid Pen (C-006B) because they contain acid. But Groundwood Pens and Acid Paper Pens are different. Groundwood Pens are for testing for the presence of groundwood. Acid Pens are for testing the pH of the paper, whether it is acid or basic (alkaline), not groundwood.

(3)  How do we differentiate a mix of UV and non-UV and ply coated papers?  You need two pens, UV Ink Pen (C-002) and Poly/UV Ink Pen (C-010). Try the UV Ink Pen first, only non-UV print will be smeared. Then try the Poly/UV Ink PEn. The UV ink print will disperse into tiny beads.

(4) How do we handle coated paper?  For coated paper, we recommend a simple technique - tear the sheet of paper to expose the fibers between the coatings. Then test directly along the tear.

(5) How do we test the wet strength of the paper?  So far we do not have a reliable, quick and simple field test for wet strength in paper due to the changes in providing chemicals in recent years. We will let you know our progress on that project.